How to link or share an email on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp?

2 years ago
In some cases you want to share your email messages to friends:
  • Share an old email chain with a friend -- usually someone who was on on the chain in the first place.
  • Tweet copies of your acceptance letters to university: vanity. 
  • Publicize annoying marketing emails: public shaming companies --- maybe then the recent email marketing craze will calm down!
  • Forward an email to a large group of people without CC-ing all of them.
So, what's the easiest way to share an email to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or other social media?
Forward your email to [email protected]. That's it! You'll get a short URL of your email immediately, e.g., So you can easily share this short URL anywhere you want. Note: the URL is private to you and those who you share with.
The Step by Step guide:
Step 1: Send a mail to [email protected].
Inline image 1
Step 2: You'll get a reply from nFiles shortly.
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So the mail you send will become a web page with a short URL, e.g., Then you can share the URL anywhere you want!
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Attatched files from the email are displayed in nFiles pages, e.g., imagesaudios, videos, MarkdownPDFsPPTs, ...