Cloud hosting via Email

8 years ago
What is nFiles?
nFiles is a simple file & web hosting service. You send emails to upload files to the cloud or create a hosted web page. People use nFiles for these things:
How to use it?
Step 1: mail your files to :
Inline image 1
Step 2: you'll get a reply with URLs for your files shortly. That's it!
Inline image 3
Now you have three URLs:
  • Folder URL: A page containing a list of files, like "directory" or "folder" on your operating system. E.g.,
Inline image 4
  • Page URL: A web page containing your email contents with all files embedded (e.g., displaying files, previewing PDF, ...). This is best for creating quick one-off web pages. E.g.,
Inline image 5
Inline image 3
You can click on the "Manage" link in the reply to modify or delete those files.
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Why should I use nFiles?
  • FREE
  • Unlimited storage space. Your files are always there unless you delete them yourself.
    • But we limit each mail you send to be within 15 MB.
  • Private. We don't show your email address anywhere. The URLs are known to only you. You decide whether or not to share those URLs.
  • Social. Best for sharing URLs to Reddit or Twitter.
  • Preview. You can preview those files on nFiles, e.g., viewing photos, documents, source code files, ...
  • Web hosting.  Fastest way to create hosted web page -- turn an email message into a hosted web page.
What's next?
  • Try it out now: send a mail to
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Comments, suggestions and feature requests are highly appreciated: !