nFiles FAQ

8 years ago

What is nFiles?

It's a dead simple cloud hosting service that relies on sending email to upload files and create web pages. It's free and every user gets unlimited space, while each email sent to nFiles should be smaller than 15 MB.

How to use it?

Send an email to and you'll get short URLs in seconds. Anything in the message that you send to us are hosted in the cloud, including message texts and all attachments. For example:

Why nFiles?

There are way too many file hosting services, e.g., dropbox, box, mediafire ... Why do you build another one? nFiles is aimed to host quick and small files, so that you can share the anonymous URLs to social network.
We use email as the only approach to upload files for these reasons:

  1. No registration needed. Users don't need to create yet another account.
  2. Cross-platform. No matter what devices you use, you can use email as long as you are connected to internet.
  3. No need to learn a new interface. You use whatever email client you are familiar with to upload files.

Are the files / web pages anonymous?

Yes. Your email addresses will not be shown anywhere. No one will ever know who uploaded what or what has been uploaded in the past.

What limits are there?

The total storage space is unlimited. But each mail you send to us is limited to 15 MB for good reasons -- If someone sends a huge email to us, and our program takes a long time to process it, then it'll block us processing other emails.  

What's you business model?

The service is free for now. We will provide paid users more features in the near future. Stay tuned!

What file types are allowed?

Any file types! We accept whatever you send to us.

How long do you keep the files?

Forever, until you delete them yourself.

Can I delete files after I upload it?

Yes. You'll get a url of "manage" page in the reply from us. From there, you can delete the folder of files.


Can I retrieve all of my files / web pages?


Yes. You need to create an account


Why are you offering this for free?

We just want to build something that our family and friends want to use. That's it. 

How can I help?

There are many ways you can help us:

  1. Use it! We love to see nFiles help people in their real life.
  2. Spread the words. Tell your friends, or anyone else about nFiles! Blog about it, post on forums, comment about it on reddit, facebook, twitter, or anywhere.
  3. Follow us on FacebookTwitter, or Reddit.
  4. Let us know your suggestions, comments, or your favorite use cases of nFiles: