Create hosted web page instantly

8 years ago
Sometimes you just need a simple, one-off web page without having to deal with hosting, domain registration, and FTP, or signing up and learning how to use a CMS. Then you need nFiles.
There’s no sign up. Just type up an email using your favorite email client, send it to nFiles ( ), and you’re done.

nFiles handles text formatting, images, and embedded media for you.
Step 1: Send a mail to
Inline image 1
Step 2: You'll get a reply from nFiles shortly.
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So the mail you send will become a web page with a short URL, e.g.,
Inline image 3
Attatched files from the email are displayed in nFiles pages, e.g., images, audios, videos, Markdown, PDFs, PPTs, ...

All in all, nFiles is as easy as it gets if you need a solution for publishing a simple informational page on the Web.