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From: The Quora Team <noreply@quora.com>
Date: August 8, 2014 at 6:02:03 PMĀ 
Subject: Quora Blogs: Ending Support for Private and Secret Blogs on Quora

We announced this week that we'll no longer support private and secret blogs on Quora after September 2, 2014. As an owner or author of a private or secret blog on Quora, we wanted to make sure you hear from us about our rationale and what's going to happen.

Many people enjoy private secret blogs and use them for social community, collaborative writing, and collecting content on Quora. This said, fewer than 5% of Quora blogs are private or secret; of these, just 5% have more than one contributor (most private/secret blogs are for personal collection / read later uses). Given that private and secret blogs are the only non-public spaces on Quora, they are a significant burden for us to protect the access restrictions of these blogs inside a system that is otherwise open. Keeping support for private and secret blogs is something that is required across each new feature we add to Quora, so the investment we have to make is ongoing. We know many active contributors on Quora love using private and secret blogs, but ending our support for them means that we'll be able to move faster improving Quora for all contributors.

For those of you who mostly used private and secret blogs to save pages to read later or as private bookmarks, we recently launched a Reading List feature which will help you easily save great content. You can click through on old blog posts to the content you saved to read later, and click the "Add to Reading List" option in the menu next to that content.

What's next?

Here's our plan for removing private and secret blogs from Quora:
  • New private or secret blogs can no longer be created as of now.
  • After September 2, 2014, private and secret blogs will be deleted from Quora. We will also send an email to the owners and authors of each private and secret blog, providing a set of all the content (all posts and comments) from that blog. You can add/remove authors to these blogs if you want us to send this email to more or fewer people (e.g. if there are some followers you want to receive this email, you can add them as an author on the blog by September 2).
  • From now until September 2, blog owners can make any private and secret blog public if that makes sense.
To be clear, if you do nothing, we will delete the blog for you after September 2 and send you the email described above.

Removing content and disrupting the way you engage with Quora are not steps we take lightly. But in general, we want to focus on the features that people enjoy and use, so there will be times where we simplify the product.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at feedback+blogs@quora.com

The Quora Team