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Subject: [Cock.li News] The cops called here's what happened
Date: 2015-11-05 10:11
From: Vincent Canfield
To: cock.li-news@lists.cock.li

Hi cock.li,


Yes, cock.li has a warrant canary now! So you can stop asking for one.

today I was issued cock.li's very first subpoena for user information!!!
that means cock.li has officially had its first communication with law
enforcement, and I'd like to take this time to tell you what that all
means as far as policy goes.

I am not a lawyer and I have no interest in challenging any legal
request received by law enforcement for user data from any country that
cock.li is under jurisdiction*. If it's really official looking, says
"SUBPOENA" on it, is signed by someone important sounding and says
"court" somewhere on the page, it is for SPECIFIC user information and
is not overly-broad, and the E-mail really was received from a real law
enforcement agency, it is good enough for me and I will comply with the

* I acknowledge the jurisdiction of the United States (as a US citizen),
Romania (where I am moving), Germany (where the server is hosted), and
any country I might be in or might not want to upset as I may want to
travel to one day. This means the brazillians of the site can rest
assured their data will never be shared.

I do not think that I will send out an E-mail like this every time it
happens, as it's not really like that crazy, but I am adopting a
specific policy in handling subpoenas and court orders:

Publish everything and inform the targets.

At https://cock.li/transparency/ you can see cock.li's history with law
enforcement. I will keep this up to date with every communication with
law enforcement I receive. I will also inform all targets involved in
any subpoena or similar order. I may delay my informing of a target if
there's a really good reason for it, I will publish everything I think
is relevant, and I may redact some info like the detective's phone
number as I see fit.

I will post any new interactions with law enforcement on my Twitter:

Lastly, to those that use cock.li for stupid and illegal stuff like this
guy probably was, please consider the fucking time you're wasting for me
when I have to deal with these requests. Thanks.

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